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Most of my same stuff is on my “public” Facebook page “Peter Voluntaryist Walker”, but some people don’t do FB, so it’s also here. I’ll eventually update this page with photos etc. from and for my FB. (FB won’t let me update “Voluntaryist” to add “ic”. http://www.petewalker.me/in-three-paragraphs-why-i-add-ic-to-three-hated-words/)

Many don’t do FB for privacy etc. reasons, but FB is a corporation and as such they’re a capitalism-State hybrid (i.e., crony capitalism) and The State will violate my and your rights (especially as stated in the USA Bill of Rights) however and whenever they want to with or without Google, FB, etc. Therefore it’s my personal cost-benefit decision to use FB for personal convenience and as a communication platform to spread reason-memes and counter unreason-memes. Thus I’m not pro or con FB because I exploit them and vice versa.

Meanwhile, this site focuses more on my personal life than my avocation or vocation lives:

– As a reference point for my avocation/vocation:

— Traditional mainstream culture in its infinite variations is not only itself an addiction, it’s the mother of almost all if not all other addictions–which are in reality sub-addictions. The few exceptions are those rooted in congenital/inherited brain abnormalities. That is, a born psychotic will often use mood-altering behaviors/substances as an emotional refuge from the painful psychosis; but most such refuge is done by those not born psychotic who instead seek emotional refuge from traditional mainstream cultures’ traumatic brain-binding; to the brain what foot-binding is to the foot.


— Almost all of us are born into one of these mainstream cultures, and unraveling their sophist communication systems is key to secular recovery: What I call “Recovery Without a False Bottom”. Words key to culture such as “addiction” have multiple meanings such as what the word means to most people, what it means to the individual, and what it means to the person or people the individual is communicating with. For you and I to intelligently communicate, our personal definitions don’t have to match because they only need to be compatible. Here’s four of mine:



Also please see http://www.petewalker.me/we-human-self-refilling-poison-containers-srpcs-aka-individual-homo-sapiens-in-our-present-evolutionary-phase/


None at this time.