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Behavior/Substance Addictions are Really Sub-Addictions to the Inter-Subjectivity Addiction

Mind Games Don’t Trump Zoology

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My Relationship Line in the Sand aka I No Longer Do Crazy

(Four paragraphs, ten one-liners, and four endnotes, copyleft July 2, 2016 by Peter Voluntaryistic Walker) In order to be true to myself, I need to have a personal, i.e., not belonging to others for other than objective reasons, definition* of … Continue reading

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June 22 – Harmonic and Cognitive Dissonance aka Double-Think Compared

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QA Blast from the Past (example of my former life in the field)

I didn’t write this example and didn’t keep any of those I did because I was on others’ clocks; but this is an extremely similar example and one heck of a reference from I linked it following this sentence … Continue reading

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The Difference Between a Conclusion and an Opinion

I’m linking this here because it’s part of my core self:

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Some of My Past “Sins”

In reference to the lyrics of the linked video (, “Never gonna give you up; Never gonna let you down; Never gonna run around and desert you; Never gonna make you cry; Never gonna say goodbye; Never gonna tell a … Continue reading

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JFK and Free Speech Versus The Establishment

JFK and Free Speech Versus The Establishment

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My Personal and Continually Evolving Philosophic Ideology

(About 16 short paragraphs plus endnotes, Revision Five, copyleft Peter Voluntaryistic Walker 06-04-2016) I conclude most* of us individual humans are all to some extent Self-Refilling Poison Containers (SRPCs), ever instinctively attempting to overflow onto other people as a way … Continue reading

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The Word “Philosophy” Versus the Word “Ideology”

I’m linking this here because it represents part of my core self. The Word “Philosophy” Versus the Word “Ideology”

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