Why I Add “ic” to Three Hated Words

(Five short paragraphs, Revision Two 5-31-2016, copyleft Peter Voluntaryistic Walker.)
Mark Twain (aka Samuel Clemens) said “The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.” The right word can also make the difference between freedom and incarceration or worse; especially in cases of public panic or martial law.
Some may feel offended or otherwise negative if I call myself an anarchist, and to such people my number one point is I don’t and am not. My number two point is I do and plan nothing of social impact other than (a) some discrete harmless charity activities and (b) exercising freedom of speech in win-win ways; that is, I may be critical of some people’s activities, but it’s constructive criticism that can only improve their interests the way detox improves the interests of a methamphetamine addict.
A third point is my use of the word “anarchistic” is in the context of rules-without-rulers, *not* no-rules. A ruler is by definition a person or group who initiates fraud/violence against others to coerce them into being ruled. Rulers are also by definition partially or fully exempt from rules.
A fourth point is I reluctantly benefit from social realities paid for through taxes, and taxes are by definition theft (involuntary resource transactions). Thus being a 100% anarchist would require me to get and stay off The State Grid; in my case a form of suicide. Being on the grid also equates to me having relationships that are less than 100% two-way voluntary; therefore, even though I strive towards the voluntary society, I’m not *yet* a 100% voluntaryist — and if you’re reading this neither are you — you are on The Grid.
Now for atheism. I’m atheistic rather than 100% atheist because I concede it’s (mega-giga-zeta remotely) possible some form of deity created what we humans call “the universe”, “reality”, etc. Some say I’m “agnostic”, but technically I’m a provisional deist; much closer to the typical atheist than the typical agnostic.
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